Can’t stop loving you

This Father’s Day allow your son to take you off-road, away from the pre-navigated routes to masculinity, to chart the territory of the heart.

photo of person holding his baby

There's a Hadeda in my Garden

This Father’s Day, Rob Pluke discovers all is not what it seems when it comes to teaching our sons how to be men. Check out the Happy Father’s Day video too.

On a cold, drizzly Friday my son and I set off for a fathers and sons weekend. Turning off the freeway we found ourselves faced by red and slippery district roads, far better suited to farm trucks that the city sedan I was driving. With some slipping and sliding we eventually found ourselves at the entrance to the camp: a steep, slick tongue of red clay. “Ok, ok. Here we go boy”. But no go, the car slid off to the side of the road, and settled itself in the thick, wet, grassy ridge. “Maybe we should just go home Dad?

photo of person holding his baby Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

Truth be told, my son wasn’t that keen on the…

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